Supply Chain Financing

Pay your suppliers on time

Open up to a new world of stress-free cash flow with supply chain finance. By converting your invoices into cash, you will have a more efficient cash flow system enabling you to trade without the constraints of slow-paced debtors.

Transfer your business for better

Fund operational cash flow needs

Allow for greater flexibility of your supply chain management


Better manage your cash flow with options to pay as you use and grow

Access patient capital

Meet suppliers’ requirements and ease your cash flow management

Improve profitability

Upgrade inventory management practices to reduce waste and increase efficiency

Eligibility & Required Documents For Application

Note: Terms & conditions apply.

Application Process


Apply in our site


Submit relevant documents


Check your eligibility


Receive notification & funding

Use Your Working Capital Where Your Business Needs It Most

Your invoices are paid immediately so you are able to negotiate the best terms with your suppliers and spread out payments over cashflow friendly installment

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